“Down with communism”: Gente de Zona launches a strong political statement at the Las Condes Festival

Without further ado, the Cuban duo Zone People wanted to make his political position very clear during his applauded presentation at the Las Condes Festival 2023.

“It is no secret to anyone that in the country where we were born we live under a dictatorship, a country where human rights are violated, where we have to migrate to be people,” Alexander Delgado declared from the stage.

“In any place where we are, we, Gente de Zona in particular, are the voice of all Cubans who have had to emigrate due to political problems, due to the abuses that exist against our people,” added the musician, before the thousands of attendees at the event.

against communism

The singer wanted to go further and expressed his political position: “Particularly we are against communism. Down with communism”, shot Alexander, drawing applause.

In this sense, he slipped a hint for the political contingency in Chile. “I don’t know about you, but I am Cuban, here you will see the result of communism, what is happening with Cuba… That is why we are against the dictatorship and against communism. And we represent the freedom of the peoples, which is the most important thing”, closed the artist, before beginning the song “Patria y Vida”.

Shortly before, the duo also drew attention for a message in favor of chilean musicians.