“Don’t steal from us, we are entrepreneurs, we are working”: Nabih Chadud recounted the hard moment he experienced due to the looting of his gallery in Santiago Centro

Nabih Chadud reappeared after several years away from the lights of the show due to a terrible incident he experienced.

The former Platoon member was part of an office in Mucho Gusto, where he talked about the looting that affected his store.

All this happened in the context of the third anniversary of the social outbreak, where several entrepreneurs suffered the theft of their SMEs.

the terrible robbery

Nabih said he is the owner of the gallery where the incidents occurred and that this October 18 he had a large number of guards, so that it could function normally.

“Suddenly they tell us that they are entering, I see the cameras, so I left immediately,” said the interviewee.

According to what Chadud said, around 70 to 80 people arrived and destroyed some of the premises in a few minutes.

“Probably when they left, it was because the police arrived. We stayed inside for an hour and a half, guarding the entrance. There we realized that they were with an electric saw to be able to enter, ”he indicated.

The former reality boy exposed his discontent. “The gallery is a meeting place, there is an otaku community, LGBTIQ+, there is a vegan butcher shop, Arabic food. In Chile we can meet again, but they didn’t care”, he pointed out.

“We told them ‘don’t steal from us, we are entrepreneurs, we are working’, while we were taking care of the entrance, they didn’t care, they threw small rocks,” he added.