“Don’t look at me like that, you make me nervous…”: Betsy Camino’s daring on-screen flirtation with Mauricio Israel

Betsy Camino and Mauricio Israel starred in a particular and intense flirtation during this Wednesday’s edition of Follow me and follow you.

It all arose when on the panel of the show program they addressed the new life of Vale Roth, who was married and will soon become a mother.

In this context, the Cuban spoke and shared a deep reflection. “I said that I am going to be single for life. I tell my sister: ‘you already gave me a son, a nephew, and I’m going to be the rich, millionaire, single aunt,’ the former recounted. Here she dances.

His comment generated immediate reactions on the program. “And you Betsy, don’t you want to make your own family?” asked the animator Francisco Kaminski in return.

“Not for now. I need to be a millionaire. After the one who has to arrive arrives. I’m not in a hurry,” was Betsy Camino’s firm response.

Immediately afterwards, Mauricio Israel chimed in and gave unexpected advice to his partner on the panel. “Betsy, one of the few free things there is is love, and you can’t control that. And as Kami says, when she arrives, she arrives (…) you can never close, when she arrives, she arrives, ”she told him.

The Cuban, meanwhile, surprised him with her response. “I’m not closed, but don’t look at me so you make me nervous. You have a dangerous past, no. They told me, be careful, be careful (…) the one who is dangerous, tempts, the devil tempts, and he is dangerous just the same (…) you intimidate me, “the brunette told him all cocoroca.

“And what is it that you can be afraid of with me, Betsy? Let’s clarify (…) Why am I intimidating you?” The sports commentator also asked him back before the attentive gaze of all those present.

“Tell me. How can I intimidate you, if I’m an older guy? I have a long way to go, ”she insisted. “I like the older ones, those who are seniors. I like the experience, and well, I’ve been with people who are my dad’s age, ”he explained.

“But I’ve never been with people my daughter’s age,” Israel replied jokingly.


“But you can never shut down. When it comes, it comes, as Kaminski says. Do you know what is happening to me? That here people do not look into the eyes, and you look very fixedly into the eyes. And it’s so strong, look, the one I’m dating just writes to me, look, it’s not a lie. Your energy is so strong that he just wrote to me,” admitted the former queen of the Viña del Mar Festival.

After realizing that a message had indeed reached him, Israel stopped flirting, but Camino did not stop.

“At the moment, one has to enjoy with the one who is not the one until the one arrives. What do you want me to say. I like that you look me in the eyes like that, daddy. I am always very sincere, ”she finished.