“Don’t let Zalo Reyes happen to me…”: Teresita Reyes’ intimate request after saying her choice for the plebiscite

Last Sunday, August 21, Teresita Reyes published a video on Instagram with a view to the exit plebiscite: “Kids, you have to read the proposal and be responsible,” she declared. “We have to vote conscientiously for any of the options.”

Then, with the two options at stake, he proceeded to reveal his option: “I approve, because I know that a new Constitution suits us, a new look at the Chile we want.”

Two days later, on August 23, he implied that his political statements had not gone over well with several of his followers. Already lying down, and ready to sleep, before closing the day she dispatched a final reflection.

“I am not forcing or inciting them to do anything,” he began by saying about the imminent votes. “I just want to tell you one thing: we have always been afraid of change, all our lives.” However, he stated, “changes have always been necessary”; and he added that “at some point we will realize that they are for the better.”

“I wish you a sweet and restful sleep,” he launched.

To close, he asked: “And please I want respect, I want affection, now, don’t let the Zalo Reyesthat the affection is being given to him when he is already dead”, alluding to the “Conchalí Sparrow”, passed away last Sunday.

“You know that I’m going for approval, and it’s not that I’m a communist, or a leftist, or an actress,” he closed.

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