“Don’t forget …”: Sergio Rojas revealed Diana Bolocco’s ugly comment to Edmundo Varas

This Sunday night Sergio Rojas and Paula Escobar made a new transmission of I tell youwhere the journalist revealed an old anecdote of Diana Bolocco and Edmundo Varas.

The panelist from I Late Prime revealed the details of a meeting between the cheerleader and the former reality boy, with an ugly comment that Diana sent to Edmundo that the ex himself told him Blind love.

“When they were recording the Marry meDiana one day came to record it, it was to get a wedge out of him and he was buying clothes, ”the communicator began by recounting.

He also revealed that “he goes and says ‘hey, we’ve come to make a note for you Red carpet‘, and Edmundo tells him ‘wow, you know I’m super busy, I’m with the designer, everything is scheduled, I can’t give it to you right now’”.

The response of the former reality boy would have unleashed the cheerleader’s fury, according to Rojas, and a particular comment would have been made to Edmundo.

“I think Diana told him ‘you are going to say no to me… you know who I am.’ And Edmundo was like ‘yes, I’m telling you no,’” Sergio said.

After this, according to what Edmundo told Rojas, Diana would then have told him: “don’t forget that you are wearing a suit like that on our channel.”

The journalist then explained that at that time, Edmundo was going through a difficult time because of his marriage. “You will understand that he was very complicated, because they were between those who were getting married and not getting married because they fought every night,” he recalled.

Sergio then took the opportunity to throw another chip at Edmundo, assuring that “just a few days before Edmundo had started with Vale Roth, they had spent the night and had been intimate.”

For her part, Paula commented that after the reality Blind love Edmundo was on the crest of a wave, noting that “he went a little crazy”.

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