“Don’t do it because I will never forgive you…”: Karen Doggenweiler’s unfiltered on-screen warning to ME-O

As usually happens in most mornings, the first few minutes the drivers give themselves some time to pull their weight and talk about contingency issues, but in a more relaxed environment than usual.

For example, this Thursday at Mucho Gusto José Antonio Neme and Karen Doggenweiler spoke at length about infidelities. This, while addressing what happened with Cristián de la Fuente and the video where he appears kissing a woman who was not Angélica Castro, and also what happened with Piqué and Shakira.

“I’m going to put on a topic that is controversial, I think there is an overvaluation of fidelity in this world,” the journalist launched on screen.

“Today I say ‘what do I need to be well? Companionship, good vibes and companionship’, and that sometimes implies a little sexual freedom (…) I make that concession and I prefer the truth to being deceived on the outside”, complemented the driver of the morning of Mega.

But that’s not all, because he also did not miss the opportunity to ask Karen Doggenweiler “to the bone”.

Karen’s warning to ME-O

“I’m going to ask you a question, have you forgiven infidelities?” Was the concern of the communicator.

After cardboard, the cheerleader responded to her query and, incidentally, sent an unfiltered message to her husband, Marco Enríquez-Ominami.

“Marco, don’t do it because I will never forgive you,” he launched. I don’t know if Marco necessarily, but when you were a younger girlfriend, at school, “Neme insisted.

“I think they have not been unfaithful to me. I think not, never. I think. One cannot say that for sure. Now that’s what I think. I think that when you talk about infidelity, things are already bad, “added Doggenweiler.