Don Omar in trouble!: He came to sing in Bolivia but they ordered him to stop

The Bolivian Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant against Puerto Rican Don Omar, accusing him of “aggravated fraud” for postponing two concerts he had scheduled in that country.

The singer was supposed to perform last Thursday in La Paz and then on Friday in Santa Cruz, however, he was forced to suspend the concerts and reschedule them for a day later due to problems on his flight from the United States.

For this reason, the Vice Ministry of User and Consumer Defense filed a complaint against William Omar Landron Ribera, the real name of the artist, and five other members of his team, motivating an arrest warrant against all of them in the jurisdiction of Santa Cruz. .

Indeed, three of them, including Don Omar’s brother, were detained yesterday while they were giving a statement and swearing that “the Don” would deliver his show, EFE news agency reported.

“The wait will be worth it”

Later, the Puerto Rican confirmed his arrival on social networks and appeared in La Paz yesterday Friday and would have everything ready for today’s show in Santa Cruz. Local media report that he has already made a statement to the authorities of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc).

“Bolivia, see you tonight in La Paz and tomorrow in Santa Cruz. The wait will be worth it, I bring you an unforgettable show, ”wrote Don Omar on his Instagram account.