“Dog poop”: Herrera’s controversial statement that angered Borghi

A tense moment was experienced in the last chapter (Wednesday) of the TNT Sports program ‘Todos Somos Técnicos’. The protagonists? Claudio Borghi and Johnny Herrera.

The problem arose when the panel was talking about the situation of Matías Zaldivia in the U. In this context, the idol of the blues pointed out that he would never have any kind of relationship with the ‘Cacique’.

Do you see me playing or directing Colo Colo? Because I do not. There are things in which passion moves you, that mark your life and that form you as people. We are like that with my son, he does not understand anything but he is passionate about his things, ”Herrera said in the first instance.

After these sayings, the ‘Bichi’ asked the former blue goalkeeper: “Is your son from the U?”to which the former national team responded with a laugh “It’s my inheritance. If you say to my son “Colo Colo” he will answer “dog poo” and leave. He learned it from the family”.

That phrase bothered Borghi, who said that it was not good to promote hatred between clubs. To reinforce his argument, the former coach of Colo Colo recalled an event that occurred in the World Cup in Mexico ’86, a competition in which Argentina and England They met a few years after the Malvinas War.

I can’t understand that when you go to the field you have to be afraid. I had the desire to go to the World Cup and there was a freedom. You walk and you see people with T-shirts, a Colombian, an Argentine, a German”.

“I said ‘if the English get together with the Argentines, the broom will stay’ and not only nothing happened, but later the English gave us a lesson on how to receive a world champion. When we show this hatred for the clubs it’s something tremendous.”concluded the panelist.