“Does your dad know you’re here?”: Tommy Rey’s son sang and left the Yo Soy jury speechless

During a new episode of I am (CHV) debuted Jorge Zúñiga, son of the legendary singer “Tommy Rey” (Patricio Zúñiga), who proceeded to interpret the hymn “El galleón español”.

Accompanied by a conga and some bongos, the jury and the public danced to his rhythm and then made comments about his presentation. “I am the son of Tommy Rey,” he revealed earlier.

Although the jury criticized the percussion instruments that he brought, arguing that they would have been more of a distraction than a contribution, he still received praise.

Before, he said that he worked for 30 years with his father, until he decided to go his own way during the pandemic, and make his songs independently.

“What do we find similar?” Antonio Vodanovic asked. “The color of the voice, the resonance and a certain vibrato”; He also commented that “I think it’s a younger voice” and “like father, like son.”

Then it was the turn of Fran García-Huidobro who started by asking him: “Does your father know that you are here?”, to which he replied no, but I think that “he will be very happy, because he likes that transcend this,” he said.

Finally, it was the turn of Jean Philippe Cretton who stated that “I liked it”, and mentioned that he would “add a pinch of flavor”. In any case, he finished, “what can I tell you, you are the son of the teacher.”

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