Does the Sub 21 rule work? The real reason for Chile’s failure in the South American

For the fourth consecutive South American Under 20, The Chilean team was eliminated in the group stage and their dream of playing in the World Cup in the category ended.which will be played in Indonesia in 2023.

If we compare this generation of players with the last two that qualified for a Sub-20 World Cup, there is one decisive fact: experience.

Apparently, the Sub 20 or Sub 21 rule does not have much influence on the rosters for the South American Championships. The summoned of Patrick Ormazabal For the Colombia 2023 tournament they accumulate 346 matches in professionalism.

The campus of jose sulantay that qualified for the 2007 World Cup in Canada totaled 457 matches before the South American in Paraguay, while the one in Mario Salas who won the tickets to Turkey 2013, also exceeded 400 professional matches (403).

Neither in 2017, 2019 and 2023 did the Chilean squad exceed 370 games in professionalism, nor 30 goals scored. In 2007, La Roja had 39 goals and only between Alexis Sánchez (17) and Felipe Flores (6) they accumulated 23 points. The one from 2013 was even more goalscoring, with a total of 49 conquests and 25 of them were from Nicolás Castillo (13) and Felipe Mora (12).

This 2023 squad, among all the footballers, accumulated 27 goals, being the leaders in scoring Darío Osorio (8) and Vicente Conelli (7). Only 14 of the goals were scored in the First Divisionin another important factor to consider.

The six inexperienced players of the Red Sub 20

Of the 23 summoned by Patricio Ormazábal to the South American of Colombia 2023, six soccer players have not yet made their professional debut. Tomás Avilés, Darko Fiamengo, Pedro Garrido, Martín Maturana, Sebastián Pino and Thomas Gillier They have not made their premiere.

Compared to previous payrolls. In the successful processes of 2007 and 2013, only three footballers had not yet added matches in their first teams before the South American.