“Do you remember…?”: Fran Conserva recalled the conversation she had with her sister Claudia before she got sick

This Tuesday, in the Milf program, the panelists talked about the difficulties they have faced in their lives to get ahead.

It was in this context that Fran Conserva opened up about the battles her family has experienced, also recalling a conversation she had with her sister Claudia before she was diagnosed with cancer.

After Aranzazú Yankovic’s question about the first fight in his life, Fran replied that it was “at 14 (years old) when my dad died, ah, the hue… victim.”

“Not because my father died, because I came to miss him and miss him much more, but at that stage when he died, I was a girl, I was a teenager, my mother did not take it in the best way It was a drama for her too,” explained the panelist.

He also recalled that his sister Claudia did not live with them and his brother Renzo spent little time at home. “That was very strong, it was a struggle… and my mother was very bad, very destroyed. It was seeing a mother crying all day, ”she commented, adding that“ having lived through that made me mature those things ”.

The conversation with Claudia

After this, the host of the program asked the panelists if there was “any subject in their life that they say ‘I don’t give up'”.

It was then that Fran remembered details of a conversation she had had with Claudia some time ago, before she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“One day I was talking to my sister and she told me, ‘do you remember when we sat in the barbecue area and said like now, edge, whatever happens, if everything is fine, nobody is sick’…”, Fran said .

“Until she got sick,” added Berta Lasala.

After a silence, the panelists continued talking about the subject, pointing out that they had to be happy now.

Watch the moment below: