“Do you know what we ate?”: the heartbreaking testimony of a self-sacrificing father who dislodged Carmen Gloria Arroyo

A shocking testimony was shared by Roberto, a man who went through a precarious situation with his daughter and who reported the situation to Carmen Gloria Arroyo.

“Ma’am, Carmen Gloria, there is something I don’t want to tell you, but I was hungry with my daughter, nobody wanted to take care of her. I went hungry because I couldn’t work. Who saw my daughter? But when she turned 15, everyone wanted to have her, all my relatives wanted to have her, because she was already grown up, because with my little daughter, no, “said the litigant of Carmen Gloria at your service.

In front of his ex-wife, the mother of his daughter, Roberto recalled that “we didn’t have anything to eat. Do you know what we ate for breakfast? We made breakfast around 4 in the afternoon, I bought those broken carrots and we made carrot salad. He would make a carrot sandwich and then make another at night with a cup of tea. That was what we ate. We had a bad time.”

“Many times she hugged me and cried. She told me ‘Dad, I know you do everything possible for me, but I’m going to grow up and I’m going to help you’. I hugged her, we cried together in each other’s arms. The only good thing we had was help because we became evangelicals. Sometimes the shepherds gave us merchandise to have in the house, ”she sentenced through tears.

The reflection of Carmen Gloria Arroyo

With obvious emotion, the lawyer replied: “I listen to your story and it is obviously moving. Nobody wants a human being to go through that, except for a girl as young as she was her daughter. And at the same time it shocks her indolence. I am struck by his posture, his gestures, while he recounts something that directly concerns his daughter. You gave birth to her and you don’t care what she hears”.

“This shows us that the famous maternal instinct does not exist. The capacity to love has the man or the woman. Unfortunately, you can give birth to a child and have total indifference. Being a father is a decision of love”, sentenced Carmen Gloria.