Dituro’s new jump

After the departure of Jose Pedro Fuenzalidaone of the uncertainties at Universidad Católica was which player would become the crusader captain for the 2023 season.

The strip club cleared up that doubt and the goalkeeper Matias Dituro will carry the horseman At a press conference, the goalkeeper referred to the nationalization letter that he is very close to receiving.

“We are anxious, waiting for it to come out. The club is aware and making efforts so that it comes out in the times of any person who carries out a nationalization may have ”said the former Celta de Vigo.

Regarding the preseason, Dituro pointed out that “The balance has been very positive. We are training in a double shift, managing the intensities, increasing little by little and preparing for the friendlies we have, working on the different game schemes. We are going from less to more, looking to get a strong, reliable team that is a protagonist”.

“The friendlies will be used to measure themselves against teams from other countries. We have two Argentine rivals, knowing the level they have. You have to take it seriously to see how we got to the start of the tournament”ended.

Matias Dituro He arrived at UC in 2018. He was only away for less than a season, where he defended Celta de Vigo in 2021. With the Crusaders he has played 141 games for points, with 140 goals conceded, winning six titles and with a total return of 62.2 percent.