Dilemo, the video game with which you will test your intellect and have a good time

When it comes to quiz video games These can come in all forms, but always with the common purpose of stimulating your intellect and general culture.

One of them seems to be gaining quite a bit of popularity right now. Is about tell me, a trivia video game that has an aesthetic that is quite attractive and that adapts without problems to the different smartphone screens on the market.

Its development was carried out by Pictoline Games who made use of the cross-platform engine Unity.

As for the gameplay offered by Dilemo, this game has a dynamic that is simple, since it simply consists of swipe to a series of questions on different topics that appear on the screen.

In this sense, the question will be presented under the premise of true or falseso that when you answer it you do swipe to the right if you think it is true or to the left if you think it is false.

It is worth mentioning that for each question you get right you will get medals and trophies. Despite the simplicity present in the gameplay of Dilemo, this game has the potential to make you have a good time with questions framed within themes such as cinema, pop culture, science, series and more.

Likewise, Dilemo adds new categories to its list on a monthly basis in which you can even find questions alluding to a specific time of the year, such as Halloween or Christmas.

Those people interested in downloading Dilemo will have the opportunity to do so on both iOS and Android. It is worth mentioning that Dilemo can be played for free, although you will have to deal with ads, which to be honest are not invasive.

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