Diego Tapia | He is 27 years old, he has played little, but now he has reached a final: “I remembered everything I have suffered”

“I closed my eyes and thought about everything I had suffered. I was filled with happiness and excitement.” That was what Diego Tapia (27) felt after Magallanes will qualify for the final of the Copa Chile. The goalkeeper has played all the matches of the ‘Academy’ in the competition, but before that he has had to experience complex moments.

During his career, which also includes visits to San Marcos de Arica, Curicó Unido and Colchagua, Tapia has played very little. And the injuries, by the way, have not left him alone either. “I have cut my cruciate ligament twice and in the same knee. They were practically two years lost, ”the goalkeeper tells AS.

And he continues: “The last cut was last year, in August. I was just playing in Colchagua. And one day, before a match, I got injured and it was like a collapse… And well, I focused on recovering as quickly as possible with the help of my parents and I did it in four and a half months. After that, Nicolás Núñez called him to add him to Magallanes and the story changed in a positive way.

“Thank God we have had an important year. Reaching the final of the Chile Cup is something nice and in the championship we have a great emotional momentum. We returned to what we had been doing in the first round”, says Tapia. Magallanes is first in the Ascent with 65 units and on campus they dream of returning to First Division.


Diego Tapia in a duel with Magellan.

– Regarding the fact of playing little in his career. Was he looking for an explanation? Did you have a bad time?

– One always asks oneself, seeks explanations and then realizes why… There are quite a few factors. Maybe bad luck and also injuries. Later, on the subject of food, sometimes I was not professional enough, but for a couple of years I have taken care of myself in every way. Little by little this is bearing fruit.

– Have you ever thought about quitting playing and doing something else?

– Yes, I thought about it and said ‘how can bad luck be so bad?’ It couldn’t be… But the truth is that I’ve always been very persevering and strong-headed. So, that helped me come back in the best way.

– They say that there is no evil that lasts 100 years…

– Sure is true.

– And now what are you dreaming about?

– I want to play as much as possible. Obviously, the dream of the National Team is in all Chilean soccer players, but you have to go step by step. For now I want to consolidate here if it is possible. And if not, where you can. But the truth is that in Magallanes I am very happy.