Diaz approaches Chile

Marcelo Díaz’s stage in Paraguay is one step away from closing. After a campaign in Libertad, where he alternated injuries, substitutions and good performances, the Chilean ends his contract at the end of this year and it is unlikely that he will continue.

Rubén Di Tore, president of Libertad, confirmed it this week. “He is one of those who would not follow”, he explained. A different situation from other experienced players on the squad such as Óscar (Tacuara) Cardozo, Roque Santa Cruz and Cristian Riveros. “They have a special contract, it is open and they decide even when they want to play”.

At 35 years old, Díaz must think about what to do with his future, although everything points to a return to Chile. The logical path would be to return to Universidad de Chile, the club where he was trained and is an idol, however, the relationship with Azul Azul is distant and the approaches in recent markets have further cooled the relationship.

In his favor, the scenario plays: he has the pass in his possession and the salary would not be an inconvenience. In addition, the U needs identified players to guide a team that has been fighting for relegation for the last few years and does not have great leaders in the squad.

The doubt in the last time was his physical condition, however, it remains valid. In the current season he played 20 games in the Paraguayan league, 19 of them as a starter. He added 1379 minutes.