Devil May Cry 5 Game News: Sales Revealed, It’s Definitely The Saga’s Biggest Hit

Devil May Cry 5: sales revealed, it is undoubtedly the greatest success of the saga

Capcom has had a very good time for a few years and Devil May Cry 5 is undoubtedly the result of a lot of work: it seems to be paying off and the new sales figures for the game have just been announced.


To say that Devil May Cry 5 was unexpected is a slight understatement: before the game was announced at E3 2018, the last time players saw Dante was in 2008 with the fourth episode. Meanwhile, an unexpected reboot by the British Ninja Theory in 2013 that will have been news: Capcom took eleven years to get hold of the original universewith the challenge of respecting the heritage of a saga that has done so much for video games. Indeed, this fifth installment was named “Best Action Game” of 2019 at the Game Awards.

Sales of Devil May Cry 5 revealed, definitely the biggest success of the saga

Hideaki Itsuno

For itHideaki Itsuno was put in chargethe same one that is at the origin of Devil May Cry 2 (which he took over in a catastrophic state a few months before release), Devil May Cry 3 and Devil May Cry 4. And the result more than lived up to expectations : DMC5 is a hit unanimously hailed as one of the best titles of the generation for its stunning gameplay, dreamy plastic, and sense of direction. In short, a return to form.

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So it was on Twitter that the good news was announced: Devil May Cry 5 just sold over six million copies. This is good, very good, and the game thus establishes its dominance in the rankings, among its predecessors. We remind you that a Special Edition was also launched on PS5 and Xbox Serieseven forming part of the lineup of both machines.

The game “beat them all” became the eleventh best-selling game in the history of CapcomIt was about to enter the top 10, just behind the legendary Street Fighter II and its 6.3 million sales. The second best-selling title in the Devil May Cry series is Devil May Cry 4 with 5 million sales, including 3 million for the basic version and 2 million for its Special Edition in 2015.

Total, There are already 26 million CMDs in nature. Capcom’s Devil May Cry 6 is highly anticipated by the community, but there’s a catch: Hideaki Istuno is currently working on Dragon’s Dogma 2. Of course, That does not prevent the Osaka firm from entrusting a possible sequel to someone else, but nothing has been leaked yet… so we will have to be patient.