Details of the 2022 edition of the Telethon are revealed: these artists will be present

During the day this Thursday, the details of how the hand is coming with the 2022 edition of the Telethon, which will have great surprises, were announced.

“This year, and through magic, we will represent what Telethon is. What we all feel and live when there is a Telethon”, said Alexis Zamora, general director of the Telethon 2022 television program, who describes what the solidarity event will be on November 4 and 5, which will be divided into six blocks and will end by returning to the Stadium Nacional –after four years– for its historic end of the day.

“The program returns to a more normal framework of work and action, where we will live again – in a certain way – the traditional Telethon. What happens to the Chilean public during the campaign and the television broadcast is something particular. It is something special that we all experience in one way or another. They are unique days, and in which we feel this way, “he added.

Specifically, in the first block, the opening, there will be an entertaining and playful audiovisual production with Maithe Ilabaca, the 2022 girl ambassador, along with the participation of other representative characters from the Telethon world.

“This video ends on stage, and with various people who are part of what this institution represents. The great meaning is that we all do this (the Telethon), “explains Zamora. Polimá Westcoast and Pailita will be in this segment, singing the hit “Ultra Solo”, Piso 21 and a special show by magician Jean Paul Olhaberry.

In block two, late night, the program will have humor, music and dance. Rodrigo Villegas and “Melón y Melame”, characters by Mauricio Flores and Gigi Martin, will be in charge of making the audience laugh.

But that is not all. In this same segment there will be a “Bajontón”. “In la Vega a stage with music will be set up. Well-known personalities from the gastronomic world will be present (Sergi Arola, Yuhui Lee and the athlete Natalia Ducó, who participated in “El Discípulo del Chef”), and each person who arrives with the digital receipt from the bank will be given a complete gift”, relates the TV director.

In this time segment there will also be a talent competition in imitation (“Better than the original”) in which the actress Josefina Montané, the journalist José Luis Reppening and Agustín “Pastelito” Maluenda will participate, among others.

Already on Saturday, there will be children’s musical numbers on the screen with “El Perro Chocolo” and Sinergia Kids, and classic and historical moments from the Teletón programs will be recalled.

In addition, in this third block the traditional “Breakfast” will be held, for which Mario Kreutzberger will travel to Rancagua, a segment in which Pancho Saavedra will also participate. The place chosen for this traditional television moment is close to the land where the future regional institute is projected, which would be operational in 2025.

On the other hand, the Banco de Chile bullfight will also return, which will take place in the O’Higgins Park and in which a musical show will be developed for the attendees.

The fourth block, lunchtime, will feature ad-hoc participants, such as Nicolás Klocker, better known as “Professor Klocker”, Connie Achurra and “Pato” Cisternas, “The Hunger Maker”, in a segment called “Waiting for the goal”, and that will end in the “Asadotón” with Jorge Zabaleta and Pancho Saavedra.

In this block there will also be entertaining activities for pet lovers, especially dogs, with useful information on adoption and responsible ownership.

Likewise, there will also be a special moment on stage: a tribute to 100 years of radio in Chile with music, choreography and also the terror and humor of radio theater. “El sinister doctor Mortis” and “Radio Tanda” will have their space in this tribute to the latter genre, and Martín Cárcamo and Cecilia Bolocco are also preparing a special presentation.

The fifth block will seek to awaken the spirit of solidarity and motivate people to donate. There will be a tribute to Zalo Reyes, a historic collaborator of the crusade who died this year and who will be honored by Natalino, Andrés de León and Boris González, grandson of the artist.

In this segment, Maithe Ilabaca, the campaign’s charismatic girl ambassador, will also interview Mario Kreutzberger in a conversation that promises to be full of laughter.

“This is a block that is closely connected with Telethon, above all, because “Don Francisco” returns (on screen) after participating in breakfast. It is a block that has fewer shows, but many reports, so there will be a lot of emotion. It will be nostalgic”, says the CEO.

The show returns to the National

At night, the entire show will move to the National Stadium.

“It will be a space of unity where the magic will return, with a final party where we will receive all the families, one of the most important things for us, that is why we invite you to go. We will have national artists such as Denise Rosenthal, Noche de Brujas, Luis Jara and Cachureos; and internationals like Natti Natacha and Pimpinela, who are very interested in participating”, details Alexis Zamora.

Stefan Kramer, a number that has been traditional in the closures of the National Stadium, will also be present, in addition to other artists with whom there are conversations. In the coliseum you can also see a special greeting that Daddy Yankee recorded for Telethon and the Chilean public during his visit to the country a few weeks ago.

Parallel to these 27 hours of television broadcast, and as one of this year’s innovations, a simultaneous signal will be broadcast on the Twitch streaming platform, which will be focused mainly on young audiences and which, among other special content, will show – with a format different from that of TV – behind the scenes of the solidarity crusade.

Likewise, the “Digital Table” will once again be the protagonist within the 2022 program to strengthen contact with Chilean men and women on social networks here and in other parts of the world.

It should be noted that 27 Hours of Love, which this year takes place on November 4 and 5, will be hosted by 18 Telethon collaborating television faces, whose mission is to represent the union and leadership of this charitable and collective work, who is from all over Chile, and who is 44 years old.