“Dear nun” and “Tan chanta”: Margarita harshly confronted the protagonist and divided the viewers of La Ley de Baltazar

A tense moment was lived in Baltazar’s law (Mega) after the protagonist (Pancho Reyes) came to face Margarita (Amparo Noguera) for having told Mariano (Gabriel Cañas) that Lucas (Francisco Dañobeitía) was their biological son.

The nun told her eldest nephew the truth while the two had a heated argument. “What are we going to do now?” Baltazar asked. “It turns out that now Mariano hates me, he hates you and Lucas,” considering that he “didn’t have to find out that way.”

In that, after a brief silence, she took the floor:

Do you know what hurts me the most about all of this? Feeling that I am a coward, because I was not able to defend what mattered most to me in life: my motherhood. I was not able to take my son in my arms, get out of here and leave everything for him.

With everything

After that statement, he replied that it was “a little late” for those regrets. “You weren’t able to give up everything for him or for me,” he added. “Perhaps that love that you professed so much was not such.”

“How are you capable of saying such a thing to me, knowing how much I loved you, that I was about to leave everything for you?!” She lashed out.

Then in the absence of a mea culpa from him, she launched firmly: “Do you want to be serious? Let’s talk honestly.” She went back to the time when her sister, Paula, after being separated from Baltazar, got back together with him:

“You went back to her the first chance you got. I was pregnant too, and I didn’t tell you, not because I didn’t want to, but because you didn’t let me. You know why? Because you abandoned me don’t you forgive me? Neither do I. I don’t forgive you. You left me alone, you abandoned me at the worst moment of my life.

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