Dayana Amigo explained her drastic change in appearance: she referred to her continuity in Baltazar’s Law

A few weeks ago, Dayana Amiga shocked her followers by wearing a drastic change of look through her social networks: she dyed her hair pink.

The actress is currently part of the cast of Balthazar’s Lawplaying the character Carmencita, where she looks with brown hair. What unleashed the queries of her followers about her continuity in the television series.

So the actress took to her social networks to explain her radical change of look and about her work in the Mega soap opera.

“Sometimes…very rarely, I leave the jumpsuit, also known as exit e’ court, and put color on it. I find that I could dedicate myself to makeup and hairstyle (well, yes, they are braids, but still) ”, she began by pointing out.

“I can’t tell you yet”

He also added that “my pink hair, which many ask me, was done by @carmenrosasalonbeauty, who is also in charge of keeping it healthy, at the point of massages forced by her person.”

The actress took the opportunity to clarify to her followers that “yes, I’m still in Balthazar’s Law. The pink is for a new character, yes and no, and I can’t tell you yet.”

“I also want to tell you that I hated pink until suddenly I discovered that much of my house is pink, my hair and my clothes… And well, that’s life, and life turns… and you never know, why That’s why we try to be kind and loving, ”concluded Dayana.

Check out Dayana Amigo’s post below: