Daniela Colett found out about Edu Vargas’s comment and confronts him: “More than a year without ever publishing anything about him…”

Soccer player Eduardo Vargas has been married for almost 4 years to Daniela Colett, with whom he also shares three children in common.

About a year ago, the couple decided to end their relationship. And despite the fact that a possible return was rumored on many occasions, this was ruled out after the most recent publications of the athlete on social networks.

What did Eduardo Vargas say?

After almost a year of separation and also new love relationships in the case of soccer playerthe latter decided to finally turn the page and shared a photo with his new partner, the Brazilian model Juliana Peixoto.

It was precisely as a result of this that the controversy between Daniela and Eduardo broke out, since the users who followed the La Roja player could not help but notice a supposed “similarity” between the two (his current partner and his ex-wife).

You stayed with the one that looked more like Dani”, commented a follower. To which Eduardo Vargas replied “If it looked like it, I wouldn’t be with her!”. Answer that erased within minutes.

Given this, Daniela Colett he did not remain silent and very confidently said “Over a year without ever posting anything from him (and I have a lot) and Time keeps showing me that I made the right decision. That is what makes us different”