Dahua presents cameras for extreme conditions

Antarctica is the southernmost and least populated continent on Earth. It holds the world record for the lowest temperature ever measured: −89.2 °C (−128.6 °F). Chile has part of sovereignty in this territory, as well as our neighboring country Argentina.

An area that is sometimes inaccessible, especially for the entry of new technologies to extreme conditionsso important for the functioning of the scientific and military bases that exist in the place.

Technology for extreme conditions

And just to help cover different scientific bases in the Argentine region of Antarctica, Dahua Technology has donated 15 security cameras specially developed to handle the harsh extreme conditions of the “white continent”.

These devices allow 24-hour images, increase contact and connectivity with scientists on the ground and improve knowledge of local fauna and meteorology, which allows scientific research carried out in Antarctica to be more visible in Argentina.

For this project, Dahua developed a closed circuit television (CCTV) solution that can handle extreme conditions. Consisting of a 4MP varifocal WizMind Bullet network camera and a 2MP Starlight+ PTZ camera with 33x optical zoom capability to provide clear images of the region’s flora and fauna, connecting the distant continent closer to the capital of Argentina in real time. A custom thermal camera was also deployed to monitor the safety of the runway and arriving planes, as well as record the habits of the penguins that live there even in the dark, paving the way for a deeper understanding of scientific research in the region.

“The most difficult part of the project was obtaining the specific cameras that can cope with the low temperatures and climatic conditions that the region suffers in order to offer an optimal result based on their needs,” explained Engineer José Varas, BDM of Dahua Technology.

In fact, the temperature of the continent is so extreme that the technicians could only stay outside for a mere 90 seconds.

“The main complexity for the installation was obviously the extreme climate of Antarctica during the winter,” said Sebastián Mirich, president of Mirich Electronic Security, which was in charge of the installation. “However, the installation was a success and the cameras work and withstand the harsh and demanding Antarctic climate,” he added.

“In addition to increasing connectivity and showing more closely the activities that take place there… the aim is also to provide greater security to the runway every time a plane arrives, something essential to continue exploring in this area,” said Julia Anschütz, Manager of MarCom of Dahua Technology.

This project has brought advanced security technologies to Antarctica, an unprecedented initiative in the fifth largest continent in the world. It largely reflects Dahua’s commitment to integrating digital intelligence technology into environmental protection and sustainability, as well as its unremitting support for green research. The equipment and solution provided by Dahua not only help researchers and field technicians in their daily work, but also raise awareness of scientific research activities and life in the region, breaking the limits of distance and challenges. climatic extreme conditions.


A technology that could be extended in the future to the national territory, extending Artificial Intelligence to the Antarctic territory.

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