Dahua brings smart interactive whiteboard for education

dahua technologya world-leading video-centric intelligent IoT solution and service provider, officially launched the smart interactive whiteboardDahua DeepHub Pro.

Is smart interactive whiteboard Equipped with ultra-low latency typing, one-touch wireless screen sharing, built-in camera and microphone, and other advanced AI features, DeepHub provides an efficient and interactive communication experience in educational and business environments.

“Dahua DeepHub combines Dahua’s advantages in core technologies such as video, audio, and high-definition video streaming to offer a full range of smart interactive whiteboards. From the entry-level Lite series to the high-end Pro series, this product meets the increasing digitization and collaboration demands of enterprise and education customer groups in today’s IoT world,” said Josh Wang, Manager of Dahua DeepHub Product.

Smart interactive whiteboard for education

The online launch highlighted several features of Dahua DeepHub. For example, it uses Zero Air Gap technology on the screen to reduce parallax for a clearer image display. Ink signal latency is also optimized, providing approximately 50 pages or 1,500 continuous writing strokes.

To enhance visual output and operation, Dahua DeepHub uses powerful AI features, including handwriting recognition that can recognize intelligible handwritten texts and shapes, and gesture control to easily operate the device anywhere in the room. room. It can even automatically detect and focus on the current speaker for better interaction. Additionally, on-screen materials can be displayed on other devices in the room and edited in real time through two-way sharing.

Dahua DeepHub also supports the SIMS device management system, allowing IT staff to fully understand the operating status of the device. It has a flagship smartphone-level chip equipped with 8 execution engine GPUs to ensure image rendering capability and an NPU that offers five higher computing powers, another industry first.

Besides, the smart interactive whiteboard It works with a single Type-C cable that can replace HDMI, audio, and touchscreen cables, and can supply power to external devices. It supports fingerprint access control, AirPlay, Chromecast, Miracast and Eshare wireless connections, as well as Android 11 and Windows 10 operating systems that can be flexibly switched.

The full range of Dahua DeepHub Series marks a step forward towards Dahua’s goal of empowering cities and businesses with digital transformation through intelligent IoT technologies. With more Dahua DeepHub models coming in the coming months, Dahua will continue to invest in emerging technologies to bring a better digital experience to global customers.