Daddy Yankee was rushed to the German Clinic before his show

Emergency call? At least urgently. Because Daddy Yankee suffered a setback this Thursday the 29th in Santiago and had to be rushed to the German Clinic, after 5:00 p.m.

Until then, he arrived with his staff and a strong security contingent, including several bodyguards, staying for almost three hours. According to production sources of the show, the singer went to visit an otolaryngologist due to a problem with his ears and his voice, but nothing serious. Simply an annoyance.

Of course, the setback would have generated a delay in the singer’s arrival at the National Stadium for his show this Thursday night -the last of his three-recital run-since he arrived at the site around 8:00 p.m.

There, he met with representatives of the Telethon and with other figures, such as the television host Francisco Saavedra.

Strictly speaking, his health problem did not endanger the realization of his third show.

The Puerto Rican had already given two shows in the capital, on Tuesday the 27th and Wednesday the 28th, filling the National Stadium with 60,000 people every night.

On both days, with various incidents on the outskirts of the redoubt: while at the debut a mob of almost 4,000 attendees entered without tickets and attacked security personnel, with unpublished scenes that had rarely been seen in national mega-events, for the second night there were also attempts to “avalanche”, although they were dissolved and controlled by Carabineros.