“Dad today I will miss your message”: Arturo Vidal dedicated a heartbreaking message to his father before the end of the Brazilian Cup

An unexpected news affected the entire family of Arturo Vidal, after it became known that the father of the “King” was found dead inside the Equestrian Clubafter suffering a serious decompensation.

Erasmo Vidal was fired by his son Jean Paul Vidal who broke down and wrote a heartbreaking messageor his grandson Alonso “Monito” Vidal who dedicated a few words to his grandfather.

Arturo also wrote a brief letter where he expressed his sorrow at the terrible family event he is experiencing. “He flies high old dear,” he said.

However, during this day he delved deeper into his feelings and used his Twitter account to express all his feelings at losing his father.

“Dad today I will miss your good luck message before the game, but I know that from above you will be supporting us, now to win this cup and the next one, for you and for all those who support me day by day… Let’s go Flamengo”, he sentenced

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