Crystal Dynamics asks if we want a new ‘Legacy of Kain’: will ‘Soul Reaver’ return?

Kain and Raziel are two very beloved characters in the industry, but they have been locked in their coffins for many years. What if his return depends on us? Pay attention to this survey launched by its creators.

When Embracer Group announced its intention to buy Crystal Dynamics and other Square Enix studios, it didn’t take long for them to comment that they were interested in reviving some classic IPs from all those studios. And users did not take long to get excited about the return of franchises like ‘Legacy of Kain‘. Now, although we still have no official news about it, Crystal Dynamics has published a poll directly asking players if they want their return.. As always in these cases, it does not mean that this will happen, but bearing in mind that the survey is done in a moment, this is great news for fans.

How should that comeback be?

In any case, as indicated in VGCthe most interesting of the survey it’s not alone determining if we want ‘Legacy of Kain’ to come back, but also how we want that to happen. For example, there are points in the survey where we are asked things like if we prefer the next game in the ‘Legacy of Kain’ saga be it a single player title, a cooperative multiplayer game or a PvP multiplayer game. They even ask us to choose up to five genres that we would like the series to explore.

‘Soul Reavers’


On the other hand, we are also asked if we prefer to see a reboot of the saga, direct sequels of the previous titles, remastering with improvements, or directly a remake created from scratch from one of the existing deliveries. In this case, moreover, we have to sort the four options in order of preference.

As for the saga, it is true that it went through very different stages, apart from the fact that the ‘Blood Omen’ are quite different from the ‘Soul Reaver’. But in all the games a series of characteristics were maintained that have made the IP unique. From very deep and serious arguments, to a sublime gothic setting (with vampires), going through a very interesting playable balance between the action sections and the adventure and puzzle sections or, of course, very charismatic characters. In short, it is an IP with a great personality that in current times it could be exploited in very interesting ways.