Criticism of Nagelsmann for his outfits

The streak of bad results that Bayern Munich is chaining has even ended up provoking criticism of the Munich coach’s clothing. This is what the German newspaper Sport Bild reveals, according to which the bosses at the Allianz Arenaafter a total of three draws and a consecutive defeat in the Bundesliga that place the champion in fifth place in the table, they blame Nagelsmann for turning the bench into a kind of catwalk. His outfits create discord in Bavaria.

“Football is not this kind of show”Authorized voices of the club were cited by the named media. Despite Nagelsmann strictly complies with the rules imposed by Bayern and always wears clothing made by the sponsors of the six-time champion of Europe, His extravagant and colorful looks attract attention with which he leads the team in practically every game and that, inevitably, focus everyone’s eyes on her figure. Especially when his team loses.

It is not the first time that Nagelsmann occupies the covers due to non-sports issues. A few months ago, his relationship with Lena Wurzenberger, a journalist who covered information about Bayern for the Bild newspaper, came to light. and that, taking into account the conflict of interests generated by their love, she had to leave the section in the middle and was transferred to events. Despite the fact that the courtship is not viewed favorably in the dressing room, those responsible maintain their confidence in the coach. “We are convinced of him,” CEO Oliver Kahn stressed.

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