Cristiano Ronaldo affirmed that he will retire if he wins the World Cup in Qatar with Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldoone of the great football stars of recent times, He stated that he will retire if he wins the World Cup in Qatar with the Portugal team.

In dialogue with British journalist Piers Morgan, the Portugal captain spoke about his team’s chances and assured that it is very difficult, but “everything is possible.”

I am very optimistic. We have a fantastic coach (Fernando Santos) and we have a great generation of players. I’m looking forward to seeing how we progress,” he said.

“It will be hard. Extremely difficult. But anything is possible. Of course we are going to compete.”he added.

However, he was asked about a dream scenario, if he would like to score the winning goal in a final against Argentina. And Cristiano was emphatic.

“That sounds too good. but I don’t care who scores if Portugal wins the World Cup. The goalkeeper could score and I would be the happiest man in the world. I would say I’m done with football if this happens“, he asserted between laughs.

and in that contextMorgan asked him directly if he would retire if Portugal wins the Cup and Ronaldo answered confidently: “Yes, retired, 100 percent.”

Shortly after, Cristiano clarified that his plan is to play until he is 40, although he remarked that “one makes plans, but life is dynamic and one never knows what is going to happen.”

Portugal’s debut in Qatar will be on Thursday, November 24, against Ghana, in Group H, which also includes Uruguay and South Korea.