Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion

The first reviews of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion have come to light. The PS5 remake brings with it a much-loved title.

We already have here the first reviews of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. The game is a remake for PS5 from the classic of Playstation Portable (PSP) which went on sale in 2007. Fifteen years have passed since then and we have experienced many installments of the saga. However, after the great remake of the seventh title, now comes this fabulous project that has excited the fans. The average grade you currently have in Metacritic it is 79 out of 100. This is what the specialized press says!

It’s working perfectly with the press!

Nolsy Pixel. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is a shining example of what a remaster should be. It’s the same game I remember, but the updated graphics, controls, and combat make it so much more. You may feel tired with the respective quest structure, but there is much to enjoy in this installment for new and old fans alike., and I’m glad it got the level of care it deserves. This is a must play game for anyone who wants to truly understand the incredible narrative of Final Fantasy VII and what makes it so great.

The Escapist. In short, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion doesn’t do anything special beyond vastly improving the visuals and expanding the sound. And frankly, that’s enough. The original PSP game was excellent, with its strong central character and carefully crafted combat., and the addition of a right thumb on modern sticks to control the camera is a huge improvement on its own. Starting from this base and refreshing the graphics and sound, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is at the same time one of the prequels of video game most accomplished and one of the best action RPGs in general.

A remake that lives up to expectations

playstation life style. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is neither a remaster nor a remake. Visual enhancements breathe new life into the game, but there are little flashbacks here and there to its PSP origins.. However, with a price tag of $50, Square Enix acknowledges that this is not a game rebuilt from the ground up. Rebirth is almost certainly referencing the events of Crisis Core. Therefore, it is practically mandatory to play this new installment of the Final Fantasy VII Remake series. Considering the state of some of the latest Square Enix remasters, this title impresses. I hope this is an indicator that the company will take more care of these types of titles in the future.

GameSpot. Definitely, if you go into Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion expecting a remake as is, quirks and all, you won’t be disappointed in the slightest. It’s a much-improved version of a great game, one that all fans of the series wanting more story would benefit from playing. While you don’t expect any new content or story revisions (my sincerest apologies to all of you who did, I admit I did too), you can expect a powerful ode to the kindest man you’ll ever meet and the legacy he left behind.

VGC. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion has a lot to offer as a remaster, with improved visuals and tighter combat than the PSP original. The fragmented structure of the game, however, is still more suitable for a portable machine, and the poor English script has not changed. However, if you want more of this saga, it is worth diving into it.