“Crazy faces”: Paty Maldonado came out to defend Gente de Zona with everything after criticism for an anti-communist message at the Las Condes Festival

Paty Maldonado defended the Gente de Zona group without a filter after the criticism they received on social networks for the political message they launched in the middle of their presentation at the Las Condes Festival.

The Cuban duo made their political position clear while they were on stage at Parque Padre Hurtado during his acclaimed show.

“Particularly we are against communism. Down with communism”, shot Alexander Delgado, receiving applause from the public present.

Along the same lines, he added: “I don’t know about you, but I am Cuban, here you will see the result of communism, what is happening with Cuba… That is why we are against the dictatorship and against communism. And we represent the freedom of the peoples, which is the most important thing”.

The situation generated a wave of reactions on social networks, with some users criticizing the message that the singer had sent.

Maldonado’s fierce defense

Paty Maldonado did not let the questions to the Cuban duo go by and came out to defend them with everything in the middle of the transmission of a recent chapter of her YouTube program, the indomitable.

“Some muscle heads came out, heads stuffed with shit, (saying) ‘but how can they use the stage to talk about political things, the stage is not for political things,’ the opinionologist started by saying.

After that, he shot: “Hue… raja faces, if the Viña Festival has used them in recent years to purely talk about politics.”

“Or did they forget about the silly Mon Laferte? Did they forget about Che Copete? Did they forget about Yerko Puchento? They forgot about all the hue… that were above, ”she launched.

In the same sense, the panelist from Tal Cual I don’t know saved anything: “What do you come with hue…, crack faces, that’s what you are. Crack-faced communists. They like the law of the funnel, what is narrow for you and wide for you”.

“Immoral! Is or are. You are the first to use the platforms, you have finished with the festivals because you have used the platforms to fly. Because a group comes out that has lived through the Cuban dictatorship ‘oh, no but how terrible, I find it so out of place’ ”, she launched, visibly annoyed.