“Coward” and “You’re smelling me…”: Sofia’s decision that disappointed viewers of La Ley de Baltazar

A painful moment was lived in Balthazar’s Law (Mega), after Sofía (Ignacia Baeza) visited Manolo (Andrés Velasco). A few chapters ago, both had decided to be together.

However, now Mariano’s ex-wife came with another decision, after Baltazar (Pancho Reyes) found out about his adventures:

“Forgive me, but I can’t.

“Thanks to you, all this time it has been much easier and less sad because you have been there,” he added by way of consolation. “All those nice words that you like to say and how good you have made me feel make me not have self-esteem on the ground; Those hugs and kisses made me not look like a bag.

“And thanks to you, I realized that I am an attractive and pretty woman,” she declared.

The foreman, meanwhile, listened to her attentively, although somewhat disoriented. And he replied: “Everything I’ve told you is the truth, no more, because what’s beautiful is beautiful, that’s it.” Of course, he warned: “But I already understand where things are going.”

“Last night, when Baltazar came and I was not able to say something to him, I began to think that I am not going to be able to have a relationship with you, with all the weight that it means,” she admitted. “I can’t, forgive me for not being a brave woman.”

Despite his words, Manolo was understanding and patient: “Don’t apologize to me, if everyone knows where the shoe pinches, I met her as she is, and that’s how I love her,” he declared. “I am going to wait for her; if you need the time, I will give you time, because I really love you”.

And so the scene was closed, implying that the love between Sofía and Manolo will be postponed. Meanwhile, in the next chapter, Mariano will offer her the chance to return to Santiago.

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