Coquimbo Unido and La Serena detonate a bomb in the war to avoid relegation: they claim the ANFP for rescheduling the duel between Antofagasta and Palestino

The war to avoid relegation is in full swing. Each weapon is put on the battlefield and the bombardments are felt from side to side. Coquimbo Unido, for example, detonates theirs: the pirates raised a note of protest to the manager of Leagues of the ANFP, Yamal Rajab, for rescheduling the match between Antofagasta and Palestino. The reason is obvious just by looking at the leaderboard. Both squads are separated by just three points. The aurinegros close the classification. Those further north surpass them. La Serena becomes part of the same restlessness. The garnets are out of the Red zone for one unit.

The decision taken has effects of form and substance that make it incomprehensible, affect the development of the championship and, in particular, the position of the teams involved in the lower part of the table, and clearly favors C.D. Antofagasta”, records the beginning of the communication sent by the aurinegros.

There are, later, questions and statements related to the breach of the rules of the tournament. It is questioned, for example, that the Pumas do not have an alternative scenario and, mainly, the reasons that prevent them from occupying the Calvo y Bascuñán Bicentennial and its implications from the regulatory point of view. “Is the non-payment of rent a valid reason for the ANFP to choose to skip the current regulations and their spirit?”, they question, giving an account of an identical situation that affected them and that forced them to adopt another path to solve it. It was in 2021, when, unable to occupy the Francisco Sánchez Rumoroso and having La Portada, from La Serena, they ended up playing in Valparaíso.

the serena matches its neighbors. “We are expressing our annoyance and we are preparing a letter that we will send to the board. The thing is very clear: you have to call bread bread and wine wine. There are no bad reads. It is the cueca in balls. This is serious wherever you look at it and the rest are euphemisms to disguise reality. What we see today is that in the face of obligations that all clubs have, to have alternative stadiums that must be declared and approved, we have to find one to rent and carry out the show so as not to interfere in the development of the championship. that’s obvious”, maintains its helmsman, Cristián Contador, to El Deportivo.

The leader remembers the situation that the pirates had to resolve. “Coquimbo ended up playing in another region. At the beginning of the Championship, all Antofagasta matches were played at the Zorros del Desierto, in Calama. That is the nuisance, why special, particular situations are being analyzed. When the monkey dresses in silk, she stays cute. I do not want to get into suspicions or inferences. What I do want is for this to be cleared up today. I have forwarded it to President Milad and to the directory. This needs to clarify. This obviously alters the conditions that all of us who try to maintain the category need the ANFP to assure us”, sentence.