“Copanito thought he was minor” and “his manager was Pablo Zalaquett”: the hard cross between Copano and Feito

The journalist Gonzalo Feito responded with everything to the comedian Fabrizio Copano.

The driver of No Filters, took a few minutes on the screen to refer to the controversial exchange that he starred in with the humorist via Twitter.

It all started after the former CQC shared and ironized with an excerpt from the routine performed by Copano in an Approval event. “Very talented for Chile”, wrote the communicator.

Of course, the former member of The comedy club, answered him without a filter.

“Is this the same one that (with 3 producers telling him what to say) was like an idiot in front of Javier Bardem?” Fabrizio wondered, remembering the controversial question he asked the Spanish actor in 2018.

“He gives life lessons? Beware of pride, son of a knife. I know that having a program on VTR channel 87658 can make anyone dizzy, but on the 5th your allowance runs out”, shot the artist.

Gonzalo Feito’s response

Aware of this tweet, Feito decided to share an extensive reflection on the screen: “The truth is, I think that we failed Copanito as a society. And I want to include myself, because Copanito with his brother, with Nicolás… They went to Chucre Manzur every afternoon, when we did CQC, and his mother, whom I greet with affection, and his father, were going to leave him afterwards from school and he would arrive with his scripts”.

“This is true, Nicolás (Larraín), Felipe (Bianchi), Pablo (Mackenna) were there, we were all there, and he came with his scripts so that we could say them on the show. And the truth is, I wanted to say the scripts (…) The scripts were not good, they were very bad, but I wanted to give it a chance, ”he added.

Then, he explained that “yesterday I was going through Twitter, I commented on this joke, this part of the routine… Did you like the routine? I don’t know, well, everyone has their audience… And I went by on Twitter and commented ‘this skinny guy is very talented to be in Chile’. Oh, and there he jumped, they all came out to hit me”.

“I really want to congratulate him, because he has managed to do what he always wanted to do, with his little scripts that came to Chucre Manzur and nobody read them, now there are people who laugh at that and I congratulate him and highlight him. And he’s on Netflix, he’s in different places. I highlight that and they are people who have beaten life, so Copanito is all good, good vibes, ”he continued.

Finally, Feito insisted that “I always wanted to support you, the others never wanted us to read your scripts. If I think that Copanito’s problem is that he thought he was a minor, because Nicolás was always cool, but he thought he was a minor, he became a hipster, he was cool and I have always supported people with more difficulties. Always reaching out, always company B me, always supporting, so let’s hope everything goes well, Copanito don’t get mad at me.”

Copano on the attack

After being mentioned by Feito, Fabrizio Copano returned to the fray.

“Great argument. Trivia fact: We stopped sending scripts to “Gonzalito” when they told us that his manager was Pablo Zalaquett. Yes, ‘Gonzalito’ in CQC pretended to put politicians in check and his manager was a UDI politician. What beautiful memories,” wrote the comedian.

Finally, Copano clarified that “I am very proud to have started our careers together with my brother looking for a match. Asking for opportunities, from Florida. ‘Gonzalito’ tries to narrate it as something ‘shameful’. That happens when they give you everything and you still end up being @gonzalofeito”.

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