Controversial Chilean player who arrived in Argentina acknowledged that Colo-Colo tried to sign him

The brand new signing of Godoy Cruz from the first trans-Andean division revealed that he was contacted from Macul.

As usually happens in each season, there have been multiple names that have circulated in the orbit of Colo-Colo in the middle of the current pass marketwhere the teams seek to reinforce themselves facing the objectives of a new campaign.

In this context, a former player of the national tournament confessed that he was contacted from Macul to negotiate his transfer to the Cacique for this 2023. It is about thomas galldamesformer defender of Spanish Union and brand new reinforcement of Godoy Cruz from Argentina.

in conversation with AS Chile, the 24-year-old defender He spoke about his time in Chilean soccer, an instance in which he revealed that he received a call from Popular in the middle of the year last season.

“There was a year (2022) that was the best I had, where I played the most and scored goals. I sounded in the big three, but I had an exit clause that the club had put on me, which was one million 100 thousand dollars and I think that for that reason it could not be given.“said the center-back in this regard.

“In Chilean soccer, for a center back, I think it’s a lot. They tried to negotiate, but there was no agreement. The owner of the club (from Unión Española) wanted them to pay 100% of the pass“, he complemented.

Galdames and his controversies

Despite his rapprochements with the Cacique, both the footballer himself and his family environment (he is the son of former Hispanic footballer Pablo Galdames and brother of Pablo and Benjamín Galdames, also with steps in Santa Laura) They have starred in several controversies around the albosboth on the court and off it.

Without going any further, after the cross between the Cacique and the Union in the last championship, his mother turned on social media by uploading to his Instagram account a photograph of the shirt of Juan Martin Lucerowhich was accompanied by a text asking “Is it given away or I throw it on the grill for ’18’?”which provoked criticism from the Colocolino circle.

Faced with these situations, the player assured that “in several interviews or in several games I was wrong. Maybe I spoke too much or expressed myself badly with other teams and maybe that led to people from other teams taking a bad look at me“.

“Since I was in Unión, I was going to defend those colors to the death, more because I played there and because I am a fan, I was always going to want the best for the club. It was never with a bad intention or a bad vibe“he added.

It should be noted that the central did not renew his contract with the Hispanic team and left as a free player to Godoy Cruz of the first division of trans-Andean soccer, where he already played his first preseason matches.