Contestant from the first season of “Masterchef Chile” dies – Pudahuel

Just a few moments ago, through the press of the Region of La Araucanía, the death of a remembered contestant of the program was confirmed “Masterchef Chile”.

Likewise, Annelore Baumann, who was part of the first season of the cooking contesta, passed away during the morning of this Thursday, November 3 at his 61 years old.

Similarly, it should be noted that according to the background, the woman had been suffering for several months from a complex Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

In fact, it should be noted that this disease is extremely aggressive, as malignant cells form in the lymphatic system.

Photo from: Channel 13

What’s more, one of her friends, Paula Avilés, had spoken with LUN just a few weeks ago and commented on the following:

“She has been hospitalized for two weeks.”

In addition, another close to the cook, Óscar Marengo, revealed that Baumann would be suffering from:

«A severe coagulation problem due to Hodgkin’s lymphoma».

For her part, it should be noted that Annelore had German roots and was a native of Temuco.

Even after passing through “MasterChef” was installed with its own packaged food store.

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The remembered passage of Annelore Baumann by “MasterChef Chile”

On the other hand, let us remember that it was the year 2014 when the first season of the renowned cooking program premiered “Master Chef Chile”.

In the contest where he finally won Daniela Castro, Annelore was eliminated number eleven out of a total of 22 participants.

In fact, there have already been several former colleagues, such as her own Paula Aviles, the former soccer player Marco Oleawho have said goodbye to their former partner after her sad departure.

Finally, it should be remembered that it was the year 2020 when Annelore Bauman He recalled his participation in the “MasterChef” program:

«I find it funny, funny, they treated us lousy; we still laughed», he declared at the time.

Annelore Baumann Former MasterChef Chile dies (2)
Credits: Channel 13