Connect your community on Messenger and Facebook

Today Mark Zuckerberg ad that over the next few weeks they will start testing a feature that people can use to start Community chats in Messenger, allowing them to create a Facebook Group, start conversations and voicemail channels, and invite others to join their new group, all within the app. Meta will also expand Community Chats to even more Facebook Groups.

Community Chats allow people to connect more deeply with their communities in real time, around the topics that matter to them in multiple formats, including text, audio, or video. The experience seamlessly blends Messenger and Facebook Groups to let people connect when, where and how they want.

In Chats, admins can now start a conversation on a topic and get answers right away, instead of waiting for people to comment on a post. And instead of browsing through multiple topics in a single Messenger group chat, admins can organize conversations in Community Chats by categories so Group members can easily find what matters most to them. For example, a band’s fan group might have a “Breaking News” category with chats dedicated to new album releases, tour dates, and group activities.

Chat Tools

This includes moderation tools such as blocking, muting, or suspending Group members and deleting members or messages, as well as the Administrative Assistant, which allows administrators to set custom criteria that automatically suspend users, remove reported messages, or prevent infringing messages from being sent.

Members of these community chats can also report messages to Group administrators or Meta, block users or leave a chat at any time.

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