Confirmed the anime of Genshin Impact!

Damn news! It seems that the anime has finally been confirmed Genshin Impactthe popular HoYoVerse MMORPG. This is what we intuit before the announcement of a long-term collaboration announced by the company.

The announcement has been made within the framework of the Tokyo Game Show in 2022. Among other things, in addition to a first trailer, it has been confirmed that the studio responsible for the work will be Ufotable. Without a doubt, a very interesting union that meets one of the most frequent and outstanding requests from the public.

And although it is early to speak, since hardly anything has been said about it, we understand that the anime of Genshin Impact will cover the first events of the video game. This is what we have believed to understand by the scenes shown. Be that as it may, it is pure speculation, since the announcement is still very recent and new information will have to be given over time.

First anime trailer Genshin Impact

At the moment this is all we have. Even with that, our expectations are through the roof. Fans of the franchise have been asking for something like this for a long time. And it’s not something else, but the design of the base game fits perfectly with an animated series. Now it remains to be seen how many episodes they will have, when the anime of Genshin Impactwhat characters will appear in it…

In short, they answer all our questions. Beyond all this, we really liked the aesthetics. this first preview from Ufotable has left us with our mouths and eyes wide open, because we did not expect something like this within the video game conference of the Tokyo Game Show of 2022.

Well, what do you think of this first teaser? Are you looking forward to its premiere and reveal new data?

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