Company Seeks Experienced Minecraft And Gardening Players For $70 An Hour


Minecraft is considered one of the most popular games in the world, in fact it is first on the list of the best-selling titles in history with no more than 200 million copies sold worldwide, so there is a large player base with different needs.

Needs that could become small market niches that some companies would be willing to exploit, one of them of British origin called Whatshed, which specializes in gardening, specifically in the design and construction of these, is looking for players of Minecraft that can advise other players on how to design their dream garden.

According to the job offer, the company seeks to form a “collective of virtual gardeners to provide professional advice to players looking to improve their outdoor space in the game” and offers nothing more and nothing less than 50 British Pounds, that is. , about 70 USD per hour.

Among the requirements that are requested, is that the virtual garden consultant in Minecraft has knowledge of the game and of Gardening and Landscaping, as well as communication and creativity skills to be able to create innovative designs for the clients of this company in the video game.

They also offer facilities for remote work, so Telecommuting is a viable option to be able to carry out this job and apparently it would not be an exclusive requirement to be from a specific country, so if you feel that it can be your dream job, We leave you with the offer itself (LINK).