companies take advantage of the holidays to save energy

Chloe Lagadou

Many companies take advantage of the holiday season to reduce their energy consumption, by closing offices and consolidating employees present on a single floor, or in a single building. A situation that does not seem to bother employees, and which allows companies to contribute to the effort of energy sobriety.

While the municipalities of France are increasingly playing the game of energy sobriety, Enedis is announcing a historic drop in electricity consumption linked to public lighting. A drop of 20% during the first half of December, between midnight and 4 am. To reduce their energy consumption, large companies intend to take advantage of the holiday season and their employees’ holidays. This requires the closure of offices, or even entire buildings.

Consolidate employees in one place

In the 13th arrondissement of Paris, only one of the two towers of the BPCE banking group is lit. The company has closed nearly 40 sites to save electricity and heating. Camille and Sarah, employees of the group, have therefore been relocated to the neighboring building. “We just change places, we have access to all our tools. It saves energy by bringing all the employees together in a single building, even in the future, why not reiterate”, underlines the first. “Individuals are making an effort and companies too, that’s very good,” adds his colleague.

Same approach for the insurer Allianz, which takes advantage of the holidays of its employees to reduce the electricity bill even more, as explained by Matthias Patin, the sobriety manager. “The idea is really to test, to have a partial functioning of the building, that is to say that we close floors during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. would like to achieve between 5 and 10% energy savings throughout the winter. If we succeed, we will be happy.”

And to continue to save money. Allianz France will close one of its two Parisian towers every Friday from January 6 until April 10.