Colo-Colo player leaves the preseason and travels to Chile to sign for his new club

The footballer was looking for his way out given the few options to play that he would have this 2023, after the large number of players in that position.

Colo-Colo He continues trying to close his campus that will face the 2023 season. Due to this, during the morning of this Thursday he was presented Leandro Benegas, who will reinforce the Cacique’s attack zone. However, not all of them are high on the team, since there are also some players who could leave soon, as is the case with Ignacio Jara Y Christian Zavala.

Precisely the former Deportes Melipilla is the one who has made the news in these last minutes, since according to the site Dale alboPopular would have reached an agreement with United Curico and the extreme left I would leave for the Maule Region.

However, after the football commission that carried out this Thursday, January 12, the determination was made reject the proposal of the “Torteros”.

Given the lack of opportunities, Cristián Zavala will leave for Curicó Unido.

from inside black and white They found insufficient the offer of the albirrojos, therefore, so far Cristián Zavala is still in Colo-Colo for the 2023 season.

Of course, from the concessionaire led by alfredo stohwing They are not closed to the possibility of letting the former Coquimbo Unido leave, although for a much better offer than the one made by the team led by Damián Muñoz.