CMA CGM supports French startup Gama in its solar sail mission

By Editorial


CMA CGM announced that it has supported the French start-up, Spectrum, on his mission to take into space a satellite carrying a solar sail. The device, which took two years of research and design, was launched into space on a rocket SpaceX Falcon 9.

The solar sail is a new means of space propulsion that uses the photons emitted by the Sun to move. In theory, it could accelerate to speeds never before achieved by human-made objects.

Similar to maritime navigation, it is the position of the sail in relation to the sun’s rays that will determine the trajectory of the machine. As with a classic sail, it is possible both to move away from the Sun and to get closer to it, sailing “against the wind”.

The mission Alpha range will allow the Gama company to test the deployment of a solar sail in low Earth orbit (LEO), a decisive phase for the democratization of this new means of space propulsion.

The CMA CGM Group already uses satellite information to improve its operations around the world for navigation, real-time sea conditions and telecommunications. With a rapidly growing space economy and a new impetus to develop space resources, reliable and affordable space logistics will be needed to help develop business opportunities.