“Close the commitment”: they assure that Cecilia Bolocco reached an agreement to sell her house one day before her wedding

An unexpected news was delivered in the entertainment program I beat during this Tuesday’s chapter. While they were talking about the intimate and elegant wedding of Cecilia Bolocco with Pepo Dairethe journalist Luis Sandoval impacted with information.

The panelist assured that the former Miss Universe reached an agreement to sell her house in Lo Curro one day before her marriage to the businessman. This, since after the wedding, Cecilia went to live on Daire’s property.

“I have a great date reporting this topic (Cecilia Bolocco’s marriage) and it has to do with her house, in Lo Curro, (…) that palace that we said was quite beautiful,” Sandoval began by explaining.

Along the same lines, he added that “many wondered what was going to happen to that house, we said that apparently it was going to be for Máximo.”

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“On Friday, a day before the marriage, Cecilia Bolocco would have reached an agreement and would have sold Lo Curro’s house, she sold the house, therefore that inheritance no longer remains for Máximo,” assured Luisa Sandoval, shocking everyone in the study.

He also explained that “on Friday the commitment closes, a sale agreement, the same day Friday, is offered, they reach an agreement with this person and the house is sold.”

“It is a great date that reaches me today, because on Friday they tell me that before the marriage he gets rid of the property,” Sandoval said.