Claudio Reyes responds to criticism for “furious” reaction on TV: some viewers did not understand the joke

The actor and comedian Claudio Reyes was one of the recent guests at We are a platea TV+ program hosted by the journalist José Miguel Furnaro.

In the middle of the talk, accompanied by a plate of Peruvian food, the communicator asked Reyes about his statements about Bastián Bodenhöfer, whom tried “bad actor” and “chanta”.

“Claudio, you were wrong. How is Bodenhöfer going to be a bad actor? ”, Furnaro asked him, who insisted on defending him to the interpreter for several minutes.

“Hey, if you invited me to have a ball, I thank you very much, but I’m going to go to the front to eat hamburgers,” the former finally replied. Jappening with ha. Then she got up and left the table he shared with the panel.

“But don’t go, poh, Claudio!” They asked him.

“By-bye, hue…!” Reyes replied, determined.

After a pause, the driver clarified the “controversy”: “I’m going to say something: I don’t know if he’s fooling around or not, but what he said about Bastián Bodenhöfer is wrong (…) I had never been through a situation like this , they do not make you want to continue eating, but good. Today is not December 28, but what happens is that… We are great actors!”

Back in the studio, Reyes joined the joke: “They are good actors, even I thought they had fired me.”

Subsequently, the hosts of the space proceeded to read the comments generated by the stature among viewers. “It’s good that they stopped his car”, “I liked him, but what happened today was from a real ordinary”, “What they did to him was still bad vibes” and “Why did they lock Claudio up? Bad wave ”, were some of the reactions.

“So many people grabbed papa”

In your space YoutubeClaudio Reyes referred to this television moment and pointed to those who criticized him, not understanding that it was just a joke.

“In the program we did a performance, that they treated me badly and I got angry and left. A lie, but so many people grabbed potato (…) there were some in favor of me and others not, “she explained.

“Hueo… envious people couldn’t stand to see me on TV. failed. A stupid woman told me ‘pay the pensions you owe,’” she added.