Chyno Miranda is transferred from an emergency to a private clinic

The Venezuelan singer Chyno Miranda He was urgently transferred to a private clinic on Wednesday night, after an inspection by a civil court where it would have been determined that the place did not have the conditions to treat him.

The former member of the duo Chyno and Nacho, has gone through different health situations in the last two years due to the disease of the COVID-19.

His situation worsened because he experienced various complications from the disease, including a serious neurological problem that caused him to lose a lot of weight and even remain in a wheelchair.

And now, according to several complaints made in the program “Gossip No Like”, and published by ‘People in spanish’, the water from the pipes where he was hospitalized comes out brown, the mattresses are over 30 years old, there are no fans for the intense heat and the environment is not hygienic in any way.

This is why on more than one occasion Chyno tried to escape. However, he could not and was punished, isolated, and they took away his right to receive visits and other things that any person in his condition should have.

So far, I do not know they have given more details of the state of health of the Venezuelan, but according to the latest reports, the interpreter of ‘My pretty Girl’ He continued to have numerous neurological problems.