Christopher Campos | The great winner of the black year of the U

Universidad de Chile is experiencing another year to be forgotten. The Blues, despite Thursday’s victory against Palestino, are still in the fight not to be relegated, far from qualifying for the international cups.

But despite the black year, there are players who do celebrate. The one who heads that list is Cristóbal Campos, a 23-year-old goalkeeper who trained in the blue quarry.

Campos, Johnny Herrera’s “gift”, gained ground after the traumatic departure of Ecuadorian Hernán Galindez: he took ownership and never let go of it.

Throughout the National Tournament, “Campitos” already has 990 minutes, while in Copa Chile he has already played 360 minutes. And beyond what he has played, Cristóbal Campos is one of the few who has received good reviews from both the football environment and the blue fans. In fact, he has been largely responsible for the U not having more defeats in the national championship.

Cristóbal Campos, goalkeeper of the Red

His good present at the University of Chile allowed Campos to reach the Chilean team. Eduardo Berizzo has it well considered. The “Toto” had already summoned him to some microcycles and now he gave him the biggest prize: the goal will be part of the tour of Europe, where the Red will face Morocco and Qatar.

There, the U goalkeeper will compete for a place with Gabriel Arias and Brayan Cortés. In one of those, “Campitos” grabbed minutes in one of those two duels.

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