“Choose destiny”: Eyzaguirre Knife offered to pay Alejandra Valle a ticket to leave Chile after the triumph of Rejection

Sebastián “Cuchillo” Eyzaguirre took to his social networks to attack Alejandra Valle, after this past Sunday he won the Rejection in the Constitutional Plebiscite.

The ex Whoever that fails usually share their controversial opinions through their networks, Ironically with the “reappearance” of Paola Volpato after the defeat of the Approval.

Through a TikTokthe journalist sent a direct message to three well-known characters: Ale Valle, Jorge Baradit and Jaime Bassa.

“What a beautiful awakening, what a beautiful morning, what a September sun, what joy, but out of respect for all the people who have suffered during these last 3 years, especially from the south, that I dedicate this beating, this triumph,” he began by pointing out.

After this, he first shot against the journalist who caused controversy a few weeks ago. “Alejandrita, decide and tell me who you want with if you want the ticket in premium, economy or business, I’ll pay for it, seriously. Choose the destination, since you said you were going to leave, I think it’s a good time, ”she ironized.

Then, Eyzaguirre aimed his darts against the writer and ex-conventional, inviting him to go to Bolivia.

“I see a great future selling books, I really think that’s your market, you can do very well skinny, and aside from there the schoolgirls…”, he commented, true to his macho style.

And the last mentioned was the former Vice President of the Convention. “And especially to the entertainer, perfumery heartthrob from a Chinese mall, Jaime Bassa,” he launched.

Likewise, he took out a “hypogloss” and offered it to him for “the pain in the tail that you have to have, perfumery gallant, it must be immersed.”

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