Chilean soccer hits the table: the UC leads the claim against Conmebol

Chilean soccer was upset with Conmebol. Through their social networks, Universidad Católica reported that, together with Cobresal, Audax Italiano and Palestino, they asked to review the change in the rules of the Copa Sudamericana 2023, a tournament in which the first phase will be played in a single match and with local draws.

“Given what was reported by Conmebol, that the first phase of the South American Cup will be played in a single match and with a local draw, the participating Chilean clubs, Audax Italiano, Palestino, Cobresal and Cruzados requested to review and modify the measure,” was the message from the UC in their networks.

Juan Tagle, president of Cruzados, issued a public statement in which he questioned the measure and requested the review and revocation of this measure alluding to principles of sports justice. Likewise, the Chilean clubs participating in this phase of the tournament signed a joint letter sharing this criteria and jointly requesting through the ANFP the review of this decision.

“As a Catholic University, what was communicated yesterday by CONMEBOL seems to us to be a very bad decision regarding the fact that the first phase of the Copa Sudamericana is played in a single match and with a locality to be defined by lottery. We discussed this with the ANFP and with the other participating clubs, with whom we have sent a letter claiming this decision that seems abrupt to us, a few hours after the draw and breaks with natural and historical criteria.where these matches that are so relevant for the clubs must be played in a round trip ”, indicated Tagle.

“Here there is no issue of dates, we understand that it is cost, but we have not been given an explanation, and we believe that this measure goes against a basic sense of sports justice. The team that wins home in a single match receives an unreasonable advantage. It does not make any sense that with a draw you receive that level of advantage, ”he added.

“The teams that are in the Copa Sudamericana have prepared ourselves and are excited to have a good participation, and we believe that introducing a draw for the local team in the first phase seems to us to be a bad decision that goes against a basic sense of sports justice. and competitiveness. This is why we have asked, and we understand that many other teams in other leagues, that this measure be reviewed, that the location draw is not carried out, only the key draw. This does not correspond, it does not go with the sense of fair playNothing like this has ever been done. We find it unjustified and abrupt,” she added.

“We trust that Conmebol listens to these clubs that represent all the leagues in South America, except Brazil and Argentina. We are excited to have a competition and start the tournament introducing chance as something so important in the definition of the keys, it seems to us that it goes against the basic sense of justice that a tournament of this nature should have ”, he closed.

The letter from the UC, Audax, Palestino and Cobresal to the ANFP