Chilean dies in South Korea: She fulfilled her dream of seeing BTS

The follower of the Korean band died in Seoul, from where she would leave for Busan, where BTS will perform with the free show “Yet to come”.

A young woman Chilean died in South Korea in the middle of a dream trip to go to a bts concert.

The unfortunate death occurred when the ARMY (whose name has not yet been released publicly) was in seoulfrom where he would depart in the direction of Busanwhere bts will be presented with the free show “yet to eat” next October 15.

Through their social networks, the Chilean fanbase (BTS_CL) wrote “dear Armys, we have just learned of some tragic news, some Chilean Armys traveled to Korea to fulfill the dream of being able to see BTS in Busan”.

Facebook Painter Danny Richard Valdebenito Ortiz

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“One of them the day after arriving in Seoul started to feel badUnfortunately, he passed away in the city’s hospital complex, “they added.

From the Foreign Ministry they reported that “the necessary steps are being taken in the face of the death of the compatriot in Seoul, through the consulate in that city and in Santiago with family members to lend them support in the face of this unfortunate event.”

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