Chilean astronomers find extrasolar planet similar to Neptune

It is a planet smaller than Neptune, orbiting a young star located 125 light years away.

A group of Chilean scientists from the Universities of Chile and Diego Portales discovered a young extrasolar planet similar to Neptune.

It is a group of astronomers from both houses of study who worked in turn with CATA Astrophysics Center to make this finding published in the latest edition of the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

It is a planet smaller than Neptune, dense and massive, orbits a young star located 125 light years away.

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“This planet is on the edge of the Neptunian desert (very close to its star, where planets of this size cannot exist), and he is the youngest in that regimenwhich makes it an essential discovery”, explains José Vinés, PhD student in Astronomy at the University of Chile.

With an age of 300 million years, and located in the HD 18599 systemthis finding is shocking for the history of science.

“Discoveries of young planets are essential to understand the processes of evolution and are very rare”says Vines.

The name of the investigation is “A mini dense Neptune orbiting the young star HD 18599”. If you want to read the complete investigation click HERE