Chilean actor who did the voice of Ali said goodbye to Doctor Miracle: included powerful reflection

This Wednesday came to an end Doctor Miracle (CHV), the unexpected melodramatic success that began broadcasting at the beginning of last January.

The TV series stars Ali Vefa, a young man with autism who is abandoned by his father, however, despite the difficulties, he becomes a doctor, joins the Berhayat Hospital and manages to solve cases that seemed lost.

Fortunately for him, the protagonist gets a happy ending: he decides to become a father and, of course, stays with his girlfriend, his colleague Nazli. Already at the close of this plot, he is seen taking stock of his story through photos, after a time jump in the plot.

“My name is Ali Vefa. I have autism. I am a surgeon, I am a father. I am a person. I will live and die like everyone else. Don’t forget me,” he says to end the story.

The good bye

Nicolás Carmona was the dubbing actor who was in charge of doing his voice for Chilean TV, and shared a few words on his Instagram account after the end, a message that accompanied the last scene.

“Here, with a more mature tone of voice for Ali, due to his emotional journey, experiences, in addition to the past time”, he expressed about those images, “I fire this dear boy”.

“Thank you all for the trust you gave me to make this character,” he declared, and especially thanked the Film Dub Factory dubbing company, “who carried out this project with great direction, with a great team, and for the trust placed in me and my work”.

“Very dry all”, he closed. “A big hug”,